• Laurent Gbagbo's trial for crimes against humanity got postponed to the 28th January 2016. Screener request for « Laurent Gbagbo, Dictator Or Anticolonialist? » at
  • The Pre-COP is being held this week in advance of the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 21) in Paris. The acceleration of ice melting in the Arctic is one of the addressed topics. Screener request for « Kivalina » at
  • The Kenyans Stanley Biwott & Mary Keitany triumphed on the 2015 New York prestigious marathon. Kenyans & Ethiopians are well-known for being the best long-distance runners in the world. What’s their secret? Screener request for « An Ethiopian Dream » at
  • Story of three women introducing surf in Iran, the documentary Into the Sea received the Peace and Sport Award at 2015 Sportel in Monaco. Screener request for « Into The Sea » at
  • Tackling with the Creole language in Guinea Bissau music contributing to the creation of a national identity, the documentary Lantanda was selected by more than 10 festivals in a year. Screener request for «Lantanda » at
  •  President Barack Obama flies over the island village of Kivalina, an Alaska Native community of 400 people already receding into the ocean as a result of rising sea levels, due to climate change. Screener request for « Kivalina » at

  • Turkey: the independent press gets increasingly blacklisted by the government (Business Insider). Screener request for « Taksim, The Revolution Of Trees » at
  • Addiction to smartphone, a Western specificity? In Asia, birthplace of selfie sticks and emojis (emotions-describing pictograms), it strengthens quickly. The "mobile junkies" are becoming younger (BBC). Screener request for « Insatiable Teens » about teens addictions at

  • Le Corbusier’s exhibition, « The Measures of Man » is at Pompidou Centre, Paris, until 3 August 2015. For screener request

  • Turkey temporarly blocked again social networks for preventing the broadcasting of pictures of a killed judge. This follows the wave of criticisms on authoritarian government. Screener request for « Taksim, The Revolution Of Trees » at

  • According to the scientific study by Pew Research Center, American teenagers are over-connected through social media. Screener request for « Insatiable Teens » about teens addictions at

  • The Man who wanted to move the mountain broadcasted on Sunday 15th March 2015 afternoon by France 5 has been watched by 440 000 viewers (3,1 of market share instead of 2,8 usually). Congratulations to France 5 and  Skopia Films ! To take a look behind the scenes of the granit mine in Burkina Faso, feel free to request a screener at

  • Former Ivory Coast 1st lady, Simone Gbagbo, was sentenced to 20 years of jail for her role during the postelectoral crisis in 2010-2011. Laurent Gabgbo’s trial in International Criminal Court for crime against humanity opens in July 2015. Screener request for Laurent Gbagbo, Dictator Or Anti-Colonialist ? :

  • Ukrainian crisis : 64 Ukrainian soldiers got killed since the Minsk Peace Agreement in February 2015 ; 3000 US soldiers were sent to the Baltic countries to make the population feel secure. Screener request for the doc Non Citizen Land, From Latvia to Ukraine about Russian-speaking people:

  • Le Monde (10/12/2014) A Columbia University study has recently described a decrease of more than seven points in the IQ of children exposed in utero to phthalates. Phtalates (like Bisphenol A) are found in cosmetic products, shampoos, plastics or floor covering and some of them are Endocrine Disruptors. These are denounced in the doc The Great InvasionScreeners request:

  • South Africa, Chromatic Portraits will be broadcasted on ARTE the 30th November at 17:35. For screener request:

  • As the bicentennial of the Battle of Waterloo is approaching, one of Napoleon's bicorn has been sold for 1.9 million euros (2.7 million dollars) to a South Korean collector on the 16th of November 2014, at an auction near Paris. If you're interested in watching Waterloo, The Ultimate Battle, send a request to :

  • Excerpts of South Africa, Chromatic Portraits about 40 years of South African photography are presented in the Marian Goodman gallery in Paris on the occasion of the David Goldblatt exhibition (autumn 2014). 

  • Endocrine disruptors cost 4 billion EUR only to the French health care system every year. EU should legislate soon to limit their need. The Great Invasion presents the dangers of these chemicals, for screener request:

  • South Africa, Chromatic Portraits about 40 years of South African photography for the anniversary of the 1st democratic elections in South Africa will premiere at Actes Sud theater from 8th to 13th of July 2014 on the occasion of Arles Photographic Meetings in France. For screener request:

  • When will we see a Women’s Football World championship? Maybe it will start in Senegal with Ladies’ Turn ? If you are interested in seeing the movie, please contact us here:

  • Into the sea was the 4th most consulted program at Sunny Side 14’s. If you want to screen how surf was introduced by women in Iran, feel free to contact us:

  • Discover Waterloo, The Ultimate Battle’s website, with news, trailers & games. Willing to screen the movie? Contact us at:  

  • The Last Journey of Dashedeleg by French Magazine Télérama: ‘This movie captures very beautiful emotional moments […], an intimate & poetic portrait that illustrates the fate of the nomadic peoples […] forced to leave their lands to reach the hectic bustle of the city’. To screen it, please contact us here:

  • W. Shakespeare’s 450th anniversary of his birth is being celebrated in 2014, his 400th anniversary of his death will be in 2016: willing to discover our 6 programs related to Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet (ballet, theater play, doc)? Feel free to request screeners to :

  • Waterloo, the Ultimate Battle premieres this month at the theater Wellington in Brussels on 27 May 2014. Screeners can be requested at

  • Marguerite Duras, writer and film director, would celebrate her 100th anniversary in 2014. Feel free to request her portrait to:

  • Endocrine disrupting chemicals keep threatening our health. French Minister asked the EU to legislate on this issue. Request The Great invasion, science documentary on the topic at
  • Recently aired on France TV, Black Destiny reached a huge success in French cinemas with more than 3 000 admissions until today.

  • For the anniversary of Cartier Bresson’s, death 10 years ago, exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou (Paris) & at the Instituto de Cultura (Madrid) will pay a tribute in 2014 to his work. Contact us, if you wish to screen the documentary Cartier-Bresson’s Century (52’).

  • South Africa, Chromatic Portraits about 40 years of photography has just been completed for the 20th anniversary of South African 1st democratic elections & pay a tribute to Mandela. To request a screener:
  • Le Point (08/2013). Let's immerse in the TV report of A Masked ball's backstage here.
  • Womex 2013Renaud Garcia-Fons solo - Beyond the double-bass” has been selected for the IMZ World Music Film Screenings at WOMEX 2013 in Cardiff.  Request the DVD to to discover this French bass player. 
  • Le Monde (6/05/2013)A EU legislation on asylum right just got adopted. The European States have two years to implement this reform about applications assessment period and welcome centers capacities. This crucial immigration issue is depicted in The Afghan Kitchen.

  • Echo Jazz 2013The Echo Jazz, German equivalent of the American “Grammy awards” or the French “Victoires de la Musique” for jazz awarded Solo – The Marcevol Concert” as the best jazz DVD of the year. To discover this famous French bass player, request the DVD to

  • Le Monde (26/04/2013)The renowned novelist Philippe Roth pays a tribute to his former professor, mentor who inspired him for his novel: “I married a Communist”. (Re)discover who’s behind this famous American author with the film Roth on Roth.

  • Le Monde (10/04/2013)French Agency of Sanitary Security is pulling the communication cord about a ubiquitous poisoning molecule: the “Bisphenol A” threatening people of serious diseases such as cancer etc. Screen The Great Invasion for more information.  

  • Le Monde (5/04/2013)Italian erudite & novelist, Umberto Eco just published a new essay, “Confessions of a Young Novelist” on mechanics and means to wake up readers to imagination & spirit. Rediscover the portrait of this worldwide writer with the film Behind the Doors of Umberto Eco.

  • Le Monde (4/04/2013)“UFC-Que Choisir” has unveiled its toxicity tests conclusions on 66 cosmetic products, showing that they expose people to important health risks such as cancer, diabetes or infertility. For more revelation, screen The Great Invasion.

  • Le Monde (06/02/2013)In a recent study, phthalates are proven to increase the chance of obesity among the African-American population. These hormone disruptors are found in cosmetic products, shampoos, plastics or floor covering. Endocrine Disruptors are denounced in the doc The Great InvasionScreeners available at:
  • Le Monde (24/01/2013). A report published by the European Environment Agency (EEA) states that about 15 substances, including Bisphenol A, may endanger public health. Because these threats have been underestimated, ignored or deliberately hidden, they may turn out to be more costly than expected. Bisphenol A is denounced in the doc The Great Invasion. Screeners available at:
  • Le Monde (21/01/2013) Bisphenol A has recently been proven to reduce testosterone production by male foetus. It can result in testicular cancers, infertility or important deformities. Bisphenol A is denounced in the doc The Great Invasion. Screeners available at:
  •           Worldwide famous writer Philip Roth turns 80 in 2013. Windrose proposes to re-discover the witty but touching novelist with the documentary ROTH ON ROTH. Screeners requests at

  • The Orsay Museum’s exhibition “Impressionism, Fashion & Modernity” will be at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (February 26-May 27, 2013) and at the Art Institute of Chicago (June 26–September 22, 2013). It is high time to discover the documentary Impressionism, A Eulogy To Fashion, which was made for the exhibition. Screeners requests at:

  • Le Monde (13/12/2012) The debate on the toxicity of Endocrine Disruptors got finally launched at the European level. The European Commission mandated the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) to propose a definition of these substances, and to investigate their threats on consumers. Endocrine Disruptors are denounced in the doc The Great Invasion. Screeners available at:

  • Le Monde (05/12/2012) A French study linking the decrease of spermatozoids to the presence of endocrine disruptors coming from our manufactured everyday life goods was published. Among the most dangerous substances the Bisphenol A, denounced in the documentary The Great Invasion, is listed. Screeners available at:

  • RTBF has broadcasted a reportage about the shootings of the documentary Waterloo. It is available on RTBF’s website. A trailer is also available here.

  • Windrose is thrilled to announce the selection of The Afghan Kitchen at FIPATEL, a beautiful doc on Afghan refugees in Paris. Screeners available at:
  • Akram Khan, 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony choreographer, will perform “Desh” at the Théâtre de la Ville (Paris) between 19/12/2012 and 02/01/2013. International tour schedule: on Akram Khan’s Official website. Discover “Desh”’s creation process in the doc The Six Seasons. Screener request at:

  • While an anthology of interviews, given by worldwide renowned French conductor, Jean-Claude Casadesus has recently been published (La Partition d’une vie, ed. Ecriture), Windrose is thrilled to announce the completion of the documentary Jean-Claude Casadesus For The Others. Feel free to ask us for a screener:

  • Le Monde 09/10/2012: French Senate acknowledged the threat of Bisphenol A (BPA) by passing a law urging companies to find substitutes. Every food packing containing BPA, one of the chemical components denounced in The Great Invasion, must be removed from the market by 2015.

  • Freshly awarded with the TWIFF Prize of Best Documentary in San Francisco, EL REY has just been selected for the IN-EDIT Festival in Berlin! Feel free to ask us for the screener of this inspiring musical journey:

  • Mowgli won the Silver Honor of the Parents’ Choice Foundation. Feel free to ask the screener of the first ballet composed at the age of 13 by Alexander Prior to
  • The worrying impact of "cocktails" of pesticides on our cells, Le Monde 8/08/2012
    Feel free to request the documentary The Great Invasion on this topic to

  • The refreshing pull of nature, Le Monde 17/07/2012
    Le Monde dedicated an article on the benefits of nature on our health, psychology & stress resistance. Feel free to request the film Babel's Garden and the series Lives & Gardens on nature leading to self accomplishment to
  • The exhibition 'Ensor in Context' takes place in Japan from 14 April 2012 to 17 April 2013
    Feel free to request the documentary The Ensorcery of James Ensor at
    James Ensor was an unclassifiable artist in the 19th & 20th centuries who developed an avant-garde art where colours & patterns unmask the carnival of our world.
  • Tuppperware just announced it will sell only Bisphenol A free products in France! (Le Monde - 10-05-2012). Feel free to request our documentary The Great Invasion on products of our ordinary life containing chemicals proved responsible for modern diseases such as breast cancer, etc to

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